Tuesday, October 25, 2016

1/2 on paint, canal is off

Not enough water to run the power plant, so the canal is empty.

 Random wood in odd spots at low water. 

I suggest that you Scout since the summer shifted a lot of lumber around.

First image is the start of the big drop in Stairway.  There are also a couple of small things just below the surface on the approach.  Look before you go.

(images are full res since I posted this with my phone.  Click on them to enlarge and see things).

Friday, March 11, 2016

Warmer than last year, more water than last year, so far....

Last year, at this time, we had this

 and this

so be thankful for the mild winter (or maybe be afraid that global warming is real?)

Saturday, January 09, 2016

STS Spawn by Upstream Boards

Here is Rich, from Upstream Boards, applying the graphics before the final fiberglass layer on this nice river surfing board.

The bottom of the board is a mix of fiberglass, innegra, and basalt.  It is a very strong composite mix.

This image is after the "hot coat", which is the final layer of resin that is applied over everything to further protect the reinforcing fibers.  The idea is that you can get some scratches in this coat and be able to maintain your board before anything touches the reinforcing fibers.

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Bulls Bridge at about 1 on the paint (video of the Flume)


Benjamin Michael Trister showing us how high and dry that last gen Option from BlackFly Canoes really is.  He runs the classic line, and stays dry enough to keep his ferry angle and hit the eddy.  This is the correct line for kayaks.  Most of the time, however, kayaks will just keep going down stream when they hit the V hole.


Bhupi taking the modified boof line.  He did this on purpose.  Of course he did.  I only say that because many Bulls Bridge beginners take this line by accident, as they just sort of randomly drive towards the horizon line.  Unfortunately, the often get punished by the hole at the bottom (because they can't boot). The hole is backed up by some very shallow rocks on the right.  Most beginners should take the same line as the OC-1 above, and drive left.

Monday, November 23, 2015

Bulls Bridge a bit above 2 at noon Nov 22

The powerplant is still under construction,
so all the water goes into the river
Putting in below Stairway,
turn the corner and run The Flume.

 Brap   Braap  Braaap!!!..

Surfing at George's, Georgia's, Georges