Friday, June 29, 2007

ASCI 4 adjustable features

It has more than just these four features, but the cool thing is that these four are adjustable. They can change the shape of the bottom to make more of a hole or a waves. Seems that they run 2 pumps in the morning to keep the CFS down, and they make the play features flatter and more forgiving. Then in the afternoon they turn on 3 pumps and change things to make the waves/holes better for play

drop A with 2 pumps on

drop A with 3 pumps on

drop B with 2 pumps on

drop B with 3 pumps on

looking upstream at drops A & B gives a good perspective on the gradient

drop C with 2 pumps on

drop C with 3 pumps on

drop D with 2 pumps on (last drop)

drop D with 3 pumps on (last drop)

Fishy in Finland

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Stinger on Ebay

giving ebay a try. Check out the light blue stinger (called "ice) elite large seat, all the accessories.

Pink Stinger

looks like NRS has a new pink STINGER elite left in stock. Someone might want to jump on this rare opportunity to get a $1400 boat for only $750

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Art available in Montreal

Waves on paper. To hang on your wall, here in Montreal, as well as here or in that special place if you happen to know the special boaters page....

Wave surfing equipment.

More wave surfing equipment.

Place to get waves surfing equipment, as well as waves to hang on your wall.

It's a friendly shop.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Topolino Nostalgia

I have completely fallen in love with the Dragorossi Mafia, but I still hold a certain nostalgia over my Topolino days. I had seen a couple posts by people on Boatertalk asking about the Topolino and thought I would post a picture from the days when I used to go kayaking in my trusty turd (it was even brown). Brings all new meaning to running the $#!t


heads up for the new framed prints, all set for sale and ready to be hung on the wall

if you know me, then send an email to find out the special page for friends

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

IR backband on DragoRossi "elite" seats

This is what the Performance series DragoRossi boats are all about. Some people just insist upon getting everything that they want (instead of paying for all the manufacturer's extras)

This is my old Squashtail. I sold it to someone and he had some old hip pads that he threw in. He also really loves the IR Reggie backband and wanted it in his boat. Why not? Everyone is different. Every backband fits every person differently. So, gettting the right fit it is important.

This happens to be an Elite boat, so he had to remove the old backband. But if it was a Performance boat he would have paid less for the boat (new) because it is ready to receive many different outfitting systems.

The IR backband easily slipped into the stock backband's seats slots. Simple swap. Easy conversion. Nice job!

boat welding party

mmmmmmm barbecue and plastic welding. THanks for the Party Rob!!!












hanging out and cooking food








of course we had to take a photo of Jim Michaud in a kayak, no matter what shape the kayak was in!