Friday, June 29, 2007

ASCI 4 adjustable features

It has more than just these four features, but the cool thing is that these four are adjustable. They can change the shape of the bottom to make more of a hole or a waves. Seems that they run 2 pumps in the morning to keep the CFS down, and they make the play features flatter and more forgiving. Then in the afternoon they turn on 3 pumps and change things to make the waves/holes better for play

drop A with 2 pumps on

drop A with 3 pumps on

drop B with 2 pumps on

drop B with 3 pumps on

looking upstream at drops A & B gives a good perspective on the gradient

drop C with 2 pumps on

drop C with 3 pumps on

drop D with 2 pumps on (last drop)

drop D with 3 pumps on (last drop)

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