Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Bulls Bridge at about 1 on the paint (video of the Flume)

Benjamin Michael Trister showing us how high and dry that last gen Option from BlackFly Canoes really is.  He runs the classic line, and stays dry enough to keep his ferry angle and hit the eddy.  This is the correct line for kayaks.  Most of the time, however, kayaks will just keep going down stream when they hit the V hole.

Bhupi taking the modified boof line.  He did this on purpose.  Of course he did.  I only say that because many Bulls Bridge beginners take this line by accident, as they just sort of randomly drive towards the horizon line.  Unfortunately, the often get punished by the hole at the bottom (because they can't boot). The hole is backed up by some very shallow rocks on the right.  Most beginners should take the same line as the OC-1 above, and drive left.