Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Memorial Day boating

a bunch of Lozers spent Saturday and Sunday on the Monroe Bridge section of the Deerfield River (Dryway) doing speed runs; training for the Lozer Cup, with hopes of improving on last years results.
This weekend was the first of many dryway releases for 2008, with most Sundays being officially "cancelled" Lozer Cup race "training".

After a Saturday night double header at the drive in, enjoying big summer smash hits like Indiana Jones and Iron Man, a huge, almost out of control fire at the Farmhouse on Sunday night, it was time to head for more relaxing circumstances.......

like T'ville at 1.9 on Memorial Day Monday.

Hot dogs, hamburgers, cheesy brats, and beer should have been enough to slow everyone down into a deep food coma.

But the sun was shining, the water was warm, friendly faces were smiling and people were throwing down.

I can not think of a better way to spend an afternoon celebrating Memorial Day; the unofficial "official" first day of summer, and a terrific tribute to those who have fought to secure our luxurious leisure time and numerous liberties that we enjoy as much as possible.

(insert cheesy image of Patton standing in front of the flag here)

and here is the link to all the photos

Thruster freestyle video with Daniel Herzig


Thursday, May 15, 2008

Moxie Stream (low water)

a motley crew of sleepy fools enjoying some jamming harmonica in the morning before heading up the road for a low water Moxie run on a glorious sunny May day in Maine.

a little rapid called "Junior"

bony bumpy rocky first part of the pinny pitch didn't allow anyone to run perfectly clean (Boyce staying calm in the midst of chaos)

everyone scrambled to get back on line in this steep tight rapid
(Brad, about to bounce down a rock/water combo that is mostly rock)

it's a long drop
(Matt, cleaning up everyone's line)

looking back upstream from the overlook at Moxie Falls

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Gulf Hagas

Billings Falls, the third drop (after Stair Falls & Faceplant)

Brian Frost running a picture perfect standard line.

Jeff Sharpe boofing the s**t out of the center. (you could hear the "BOOF" all the way up on the cliff top)

Boyce Greer going low-stress left (he makes everything look easy)

unnamed Brunswickian (Ian?)tempting the cave (no worries, he totally styled it)

and off everyone goes, deeper into the gorge

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Big Weekend in Connecticut for Whitewater Events

Willimantic Whitewater Festival on Saturday

They are building a whitewater park and already have a festival going on the site with a kicker ramp being built

The site is a stretch of river that has few low head dams on it, which will be (one by one) turned into whitewater features. It's worth checking this out to show your support for their efforts.

Covered Bridge Slalom on Sunday

This open boat and closed boat slalom race has been going on for what seems like forever. Many top paddlers have started their racing careers with this race. For more information check out this link
or ask Alden Bird what he thinks about the event

discounted DragoRossi boats until May 24th

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The order will be finalized on May 24th.
He is offering a discount to anyone who want to get in on the action before that date.
"Performance" outfitted boats can be bought for only $750 (normally $900)
"Elite" outfitted boat are available for only $1000 (normally $1400)

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