Sunday, April 29, 2007

Maine surfing (Madison)

The only reason paddling is seasonal in Maine is because it is so far north, therefore winter is real. But, when the snow melts some really sweet spots come in. (not to mention all the dam released stuff that happens all summer..)

Enjoy this video of some local boys having tons of fun on the Madsion wave.

I pulled it from YouTube, so if the embedded player doesn't work for you, check it out here

Be sure to check out the message board over on No Umbrella to get the latest from the awesome people in northern New England

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

C boat Gangster

I got to watch this boat being converted. So I thought I'd put up some quick snap shots of it before it hit the water for it's virgin run.

I'm constantly amazed at how skilled c-boaters are at outfitting their boats. They must have old-school skills to use with new-school materials and techniques.

Monday, April 23, 2007

Kawanhee Kayaking Reunion

Camp Kawanhee in Weld, Maine is a general summer camp program on a beautiful lake, that has turned out a few good whitewater kayakers.

Here is Steve Ruhle who's family has been involved with the camp for a long time. This was his first time down Bulls Bridge. Looks like he dialed the surfing rapid in quickly.

Ted DeVoe is a Housatonic local legend who started boating while at camp as a camper. He went on to spend a few summers as a kayak department instructor and lodge counselor.

This is David Ruhle who has spent several summers at Kawanhee as both camper and counselor. Last year he decided to pursue his kayaking more and spent many weeks up on the Ottawa River.

Above, you'll see Maurice Convard in the new Pintail he got for his birthday, closely followed by Ted in the next picture.

Maurice spent his years at Camp Kawanhee teaching wood shop and kayaking. He returns every summer with his wife, to rent a cabin on the Kawanhee Inn beach.

The community at Kawanhee is very similar to the whitewater community in the way it is friendly and inclusive. On this trip we were joined by two local boaters; Kenny and Steven

Sunny day and smiling faces.


Wednesday, April 11, 2007

New Jackson, New DragoRossi

good thing that Georges was running so that these guys could get their brand new boats on the water for a test run. A new Jackson Star and a new DragoRossi Thruster.

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Gangster details

lots of bow rocker and smooth transitioned stern rocker make a fast, reliable creek boat/river runner

included with the $799 performance price are two end grabloops, each with additional D ring attachement points.

large cockpit opening for easy entry/exit

rotomolded performance seat with throwrope well in the front

DragoRossi Gangster $799 at





here you can see the optional backband, shock absorbing bulkhead footbrace, and the bow ring that can be installed to replace the pillar and pride more foot room as well as making entry/exit easier.

a drainplug is a nice option. Some people will go without it because they think it's a drier ride, but if you jam a bunch of silicone in there then you can have an easy way to get the water out of your boat, AND a dry ride. Honestly, I get more water in my boat just from getting in and out to scout than I do through any kind of leaks. I like having the drainplug.

two more great add-ons are the D ring attachment points. Two can be installed just behind the cockpit,

and one can be installed just in front of the cockpit.

If you added all three of these to the four standard attachment points, you'd have plenty of places to hook up to your boat.

Monday, April 02, 2007

Fish details


the performance version comes standard with side grabloops, bow/stern foam pillars, and a performance seat.

here is a better view of the performance seat where you can see the screw inserts that accept the optional thigh wings. also notice the recessed area in front of the seat for a waterbottle or throw rope

here you will notice that the performance seat is like a low-back testarossa seat. This gives you the option to pad out the back and make a super comfortable race seat, or add your favorite brand of backband for a more standard feel.

note: two major differences between testarossa seat and the performance seat are (1)testarossa seat is raised 2" off the hull and the performance seat is only about 3/4" off the hull. (2) the testarossa seat has a high, solid back piece for increased contact and control from the paddler,while the performance seat has a more comfortable lower back that allows for a more traditional feel.

final note: the drainplug is an added option that costs $11 some people want it, some don't

DragoRossi Fish $799 at












there are many accessories that can be bought, in addition to the Performa seat system

DragoRossi makes a simple ratchet backband that is easy to install.
many other brands can be installed in minutes too.

here is the DragoRossi foot sled. it relieves pressure on your toes and allows you to have an adjustable foot system that you can crank up when you need it, and loosen it up for the mellow sections.

of course some people just prefer a foam bulkhead. That works well to.

which ever system you prefer, the first step will be to remove the set screw from the bow of the boat,the one that holds the foam pillar in place

then you can remove the bow pillar and install your footblock, heel sled, airbag, foam block, whatever you are going to use

remember to put the foam pillar back,and insert the screw again; then you'll be all set!

buy and install the thigh wings for increased control and performance. Installation is very simple