Monday, April 23, 2007

Kawanhee Kayaking Reunion

Camp Kawanhee in Weld, Maine is a general summer camp program on a beautiful lake, that has turned out a few good whitewater kayakers.

Here is Steve Ruhle who's family has been involved with the camp for a long time. This was his first time down Bulls Bridge. Looks like he dialed the surfing rapid in quickly.

Ted DeVoe is a Housatonic local legend who started boating while at camp as a camper. He went on to spend a few summers as a kayak department instructor and lodge counselor.

This is David Ruhle who has spent several summers at Kawanhee as both camper and counselor. Last year he decided to pursue his kayaking more and spent many weeks up on the Ottawa River.

Above, you'll see Maurice Convard in the new Pintail he got for his birthday, closely followed by Ted in the next picture.

Maurice spent his years at Camp Kawanhee teaching wood shop and kayaking. He returns every summer with his wife, to rent a cabin on the Kawanhee Inn beach.

The community at Kawanhee is very similar to the whitewater community in the way it is friendly and inclusive. On this trip we were joined by two local boaters; Kenny and Steven

Sunny day and smiling faces.


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Linda Lou said...

These pics are fantastic. What a wonderful stroll down memory lane for Kawanheeans!
Linda Lou Fairbanks