Saturday, June 17, 2006

Scudder's part 2

more photos from a fun sunny day of smooth surfing on the green water of the Delaware

since this thing changes every year, I am wondering if the wave could be stabilized or even improved.
there is some possibility to even the feature out so it favors both righty and lefty paddlers and it might be a good feature at a larger range of levels.

I'm told that many of the changing features out towards the middle of the river are great at high water, but it would be nice to have something as smooth as this wave more often.

Scudder's Falls (wave) in New Jersey

I had a really fun Saturday surfing with all of the people at this great spot just outside of Trenton, NJ.

I had been here about five years ago, and boy, has the wave changed! It is still a great wave. It just took me a little while to start to dial it in. And, I never really got it, but there sure were some locals that had a great handle on how to surf this thing at this level.
Things are not very dynamic here, but the thrill is really the fact that Scudder's wave is a very well shaped feature, with lots of green, that gives you a feeling like you are floating on air. It is super smooth. They should call it Silk Wave.

I have more pictures that I'll post later.

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Stairway is getting kind of funny

at 1 1/2, the wave/hole at the bottom of the first drop has turned into a full-on hole

the curler at the top is a bit nasty now too. It is starting to swallow up people's boats

the slot at Little Niagra is same old thing, same move as always.....

but it too seems to like to swallow up boats now

Look how colorful Rasta is in the orange Fish and green helmet

Georges Hole at 1 1/2

It's changed a bit, after all of the flooding this Fall, but it is still a fun spot for surfing......

surfer's right is still really really shallow

the wave is a great shape,but on an angle

having a good rail really helps here

What a good day!