Friday, February 27, 2009

Ice breaking slalom workout

at the Riverhouse gates in Falls Village

Jaime, Devin, and Chris pushed the icebergs around to create a clear path for workouts.

Anticipating the spring races that will happen when the winter starts to lose it's grip on the northeast.

Also, keeping in shape and improving technique for the early spring creeking season by working technical moves in the gates.

Stop by Falls Village and join in.
The gates are in good condition and the water is reliable this time of year.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

northeast paddlers on new Dragorossi website

Dragorossi needed photos for the new website so some of us northeastern folks were lucky enough to have some good photos of ourselves to share.

LOTS of photos in the Pintail section.
Click on the photos button on that page to see them.
You'll see Bulls Bridge in Connecticut, Scudders in New Jersey, Sheepscot in Maine.

The Mad Boy photo section starts off with Center Brook in Connecticut, and also has some shots from the Tville Dam.

About a third the way into the Mafia photo slide show I make an appearance doing some boof practice at the local low water spot.

The Squashtail set has a couple of medium/low tide Sheepscot surfing pics towards the end.

Ted DeVoe starts the Fish photo set off with some Strike Three moves and Tville looping. And, he is featured top left, mid loop on the Stinger page.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009