Wednesday, September 26, 2007

end of season sale

just thought I'd make the announcement here, for those who have been paying attention all year, before the general public finds out.

Friday, September 14, 2007

Fall is creeking season on the east coast

people are getting psyched for the steeps and we are assembling more creek boats than anything else right now. It's the end of the main selling season. Check out to see three cool creek boats. Remaining inventory is on sale to make room for next year's containers of boats.

Two Gangsters in the background are all wrapped up for shipping. The red Critical Mass is freshly outfitted and ready for wrapping. The green Mafia demo sits on the ground, waiting for the crew to get out of work and drive up to the put-in.

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Sheepscot turns into a lefty spot

as the water drops and the wave on river-left turns into a strange pourover, the right side opens up into a funny hole. The spot likes to go lefty,which is good for me.

it was a little flushy at this level, but still good to go if you are on top of things.
Here is Ed Watson giving it a try. He is an on-again/off-again summer boater from Ohio who does pretty well (when you consider how infrequently he boats). Ed just scored a job in Burlington, VT so I suspect all of that might change. I'm waiting for the day he calls me to get a boat of his own.

Ted likes to go righty, and found that strange seam on the right a few times, but dialed the hole in nicely in just a few rides. All of that wave surfing makes him very light on his boat, so he does well in flushy spots.

another shot of me going left, burying that small Squashtail stern very deep. Good thing for all that volume behind the cockpit (which actually makes the boat more retentive than one would initially think).

the bow of the Squashtail goes down quite easily.

I must mention that Mark Gibson took all of these photos. It's fun to be in front of the camera sometimes. All too often I am the one behind the lenses. I was happy to just go to a spot and play play play.

Mark is the webmaster and main photographer for Camp Kawanhee in Weld, Maine.
He also maintains his brother's pet bird store website in New York City.

Monday, September 03, 2007

Sheepscot is a smooth wave

there was a 10' tide differential which is fun for some smooth soul surfing. Not the best for play because there is too much volume coming out (I prefer around 9 for that), but a fast wave is always fun with boats that plane out well.

Saturday, September 01, 2007

Sheepscot with the DeVoe family

Sheepscot Reversing Falls starts as a nice eddy line, and slowly turns into a wave.

On this day, most of the DeVoe clan was out in boats. Here is a photo of Morgan who is learning her roll.

... and Dexter, who used to kayak alot (and actually taught me my roll) but now has kids, a job, all that sort of responsible stuff. He complains that he doesn't know how to boat any more, but seems to have no trouble surfing.

Then there is Ted. He has never stopped boating. Of course he is doing more creeking these days, and even enjoying going fast in his old-school Pirouette, but that doesn't stop him from jumping in on a surf session.