Saturday, September 01, 2007

Sheepscot with the DeVoe family

Sheepscot Reversing Falls starts as a nice eddy line, and slowly turns into a wave.

On this day, most of the DeVoe clan was out in boats. Here is a photo of Morgan who is learning her roll.

... and Dexter, who used to kayak alot (and actually taught me my roll) but now has kids, a job, all that sort of responsible stuff. He complains that he doesn't know how to boat any more, but seems to have no trouble surfing.

Then there is Ted. He has never stopped boating. Of course he is doing more creeking these days, and even enjoying going fast in his old-school Pirouette, but that doesn't stop him from jumping in on a surf session.

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Kay Abella said...

Hi Dexter - Kristen Devoe says congratulations on your engagement. She is writing on my computer. She is also in dire need of your help with setting up a blog. Please call her.

Kay Abella

P.S. Great blog