Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Gangster details


lots of bow rocker and smooth transitioned stern rocker make a fast, reliable creek boat/river runner

included with the $799 performance price are two end grabloops, each with additional D ring attachement points.

large cockpit opening for easy entry/exit

rotomolded performance seat with throwrope well in the front

DragoRossi Gangster $799 at 100waves.com





here you can see the optional backband, shock absorbing bulkhead footbrace, and the bow ring that can be installed to replace the pillar and pride more foot room as well as making entry/exit easier.

a drainplug is a nice option. Some people will go without it because they think it's a drier ride, but if you jam a bunch of silicone in there then you can have an easy way to get the water out of your boat, AND a dry ride. Honestly, I get more water in my boat just from getting in and out to scout than I do through any kind of leaks. I like having the drainplug.

two more great add-ons are the D ring attachment points. Two can be installed just behind the cockpit,

and one can be installed just in front of the cockpit.

If you added all three of these to the four standard attachment points, you'd have plenty of places to hook up to your boat.

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