Wednesday, October 25, 2006

3 creek boat chines and rockers

DragoRossi MAFIA

look at the nice, smooth rocker transition used here to make a predictable boat

a flat spot in the center is important for high inititial stability, and to spread the paddler's weight out over a larger surface area, thus making the boat float higher in the water (you hit fewer rocks and skip over the boily sections easily)

what is VERY important in real creek boat is round edges so that you can just skip right over those little pain-in-the-butt rocks found on shallow sections and slides.

The back two feet can have hard edges that let the water release from the edge of the boat, gaining speed, and allowing the stern to turn more easily.



Very smooth rocker transition. This allows the water to see the boat as one surface, thus making it faster. If the rocker break was too abrupt, then the boat just "pushes" water and plows around like a slow tug boat. The key is to make a highly rockered boat, but make the transition SMOOOOOOTH
again, note the nice flat spot for high initial stability and just a little bit of the planing hull benefit. No need for complete roundness in the middle. That would just make things unstable.

round EDGES (not hull). It's an important distinction that many people are not aware of. It's the EDGES of your boat that get tripped up, not the flat spot on your hull. So, the solution is to make them nice and round

Stern edges can be sharp so that the stern releases and turns instead of sticking to the water. Faster turning creek boats is what we want.

very similar rocker to the Mafia, the stern part of the rocker just comes up a bit later, making the boat a little more "traditional"

a slightly wider flat spot in the hull for a super stable, familiar feel

very round and forgiving with high secondary stability while maintaining the benefits of the center flat spot
the roundness in the stern doesn't make it feel more fogiving (becuase the stern edge COULD be hard) but it gives the boat a more traditional, familiar feel to it. Kind like a cross between the Necky Crux, Eskimo Salto, and the grandaddy of all little creekers,the Topolino