Sunday, October 29, 2006

Hubbard Brook Trip Report

It was a lovely, foggy, rainy day in the southern Berkshires. The Hubbard was not quite high enough when we arrived. But, after scouting a couple of things that were actually TOO high,and debating our next move, we realized that the Hubbard had come up to runnable levels. Surely, if it was on the rise, the run would just get better as the trip progressed...

Ted burried somewhere in the first drop. Melting down a creek boat can be fun (sometimes)

Andrew's first-ever drop run in a creek boat. He has only ever had playboats, so adjusting to something big and round took some time. He made this one look easy though.

Tim, showing us the classic line on this drop

Tim again, firing up the second major rapid of the run. This one has some serious pinning potential. Even with a lound sounding "THUNK!", he was able to keep going and finish the rapid. Amazing what a bulkhead and high volume bow will do... No wonder he likes that Solo

Andrew on the same drop just 1/4 second before his beautiful oops (er.... boof) over the rock that divides the current. (It's hidden just below the surface). I wish I had a better camera for this one. He really launched that CRITICAL MASS over the drop.

Ted in his well-worn Magnum ready to launch into Michaud Falls. The idea is to start a bit left, drive right through the slot with (or without) a boof, and then you are a pinball in play...

He ran it twice so I was able to get the same guy running the same drop from another angle. This would show about 1 second after the above photo. And also shows how good of a plastic welder Ted is. His repair job has been hold up to stuff like this for quite a while now.

Tim, running the right side of the rock at Michaud Falls. Depending on who you ask, it's either the sneak route or the hero route. The crux, like the main line, is all in the set up. And, it's a tighter slot.

Here's Jeff, who helped Andrew through a tough little section towards the bottom.

All in all, a solid crew. It was Tim's first time down this river, Andrew's first time in a real creek boat, my first time on Hubbard since going back to grad school, Jeff's paddle's last full river run before breaking the next day on another creek, and Ted finally getting to paddle after waiting for all of us to arrive in the morning.

The water continued to rise, and a quick thunder storm pumped things up again. Oh what fun!

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