Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Three creek boats for fun

stern hatch on the Mafia. You can get a little glimpse of the bulkhead that seals the stern from the rest of the boat,and provides more structure than a typical stern pillar. The neoprene cover goes on the opening first, sealing out the water, then the plastic piece covers the neoprene, providing implosion resistance and keeping the neoprene in good condition.

Critical Mass (left) Gangser/Idra (center) Mafia (right)

just a quck cut and paste image so you guys can see the subtle differences between these three excellent creeking options. Everything was kept to scale in this image; to be as accurate as possible. Still nothing beats seeing them up close and personal. If you have a chance to paddle one, I would strongly recommend it. With so many options, you're very likely to enjoy one of these boats.

(from top to bottom) Mafia, Gangster/idra, Critical Mass, Mafia, Gangster/Idra

Critical Mass Bulkhead/Bow Ring (note the breathing tube)

Gangster/Idra "traditional" thigh hooks and bow pillar

2007 Mafia Bow Ring and Bulkhead system (note the breathing tube)

another look at the ratcheting footbrace system, allowing for on-the-fly adjustability (I use it to give my legs a rest in the flat sections and to really crank it up when the going gets steep)

a note on the 3x safety redundancy grabloop systems....