Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Adam Bixby

I had a chance to catch up with Adam Bixby, a friend from the northeast who has been living close to the Green River in NC for a year now. It was great to talk with him for a while and discover how he is really becoming a solid creek boater by running the narrows a couple times each week

I took photos of his boats because he is using longer/older boats, gearing up for the race. Here you'll see his brand new DragoRossi Critical Mass in the foreground (orange), right up against the Prijon Tornado.

Of course the Critical Mass turns much much easier than the Tornado, but has the benefit of some extra reach to get over some of those tricky spots. A balance of modern turnability with some older style length and speed. I am convinced that this is a trend for the near future as people realize that going fast in larger boats is really really fun.

p.s. the dog's name is Maya. she can swim rivers better than some people can paddle them