Monday, October 30, 2006

Farmington River (New Boston) and Halloween Party

Jeff was looking for a good boat to get back into kayaking after his shoulder surgery. Since I went through the same thing last year, we met on Sunday to go paddling. The New Boston sectioin of the Farmington was running just a bit over 5,which made for a fun day

above, you'll see Jeff, in the DR GANGSTER/Idra approaching one of the better rapids on the run.

Three weeks post-operation and in good shape. Maybe working in a physical therapist's office has something to do with it, but I think that Jeff is on the fast track to full recovery.

This D Man (or is it "A" man?) who laughed at me for boofing onto a hidden rock. SO, I have to make fun of him for paddling a pumpkin-orange boat and looking scary in this picture.

speaking of scary..... who is that infected zombie in a hazmat suit?

what a fun party at Maurice and Jeanne's house. All the local forest creatures showed up to hang out.

Ohhhh, creeking is going to be fun tomorrow......

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