Wednesday, June 06, 2007

IR backband on DragoRossi "elite" seats

This is what the Performance series DragoRossi boats are all about. Some people just insist upon getting everything that they want (instead of paying for all the manufacturer's extras)

This is my old Squashtail. I sold it to someone and he had some old hip pads that he threw in. He also really loves the IR Reggie backband and wanted it in his boat. Why not? Everyone is different. Every backband fits every person differently. So, gettting the right fit it is important.

This happens to be an Elite boat, so he had to remove the old backband. But if it was a Performance boat he would have paid less for the boat (new) because it is ready to receive many different outfitting systems.

The IR backband easily slipped into the stock backband's seats slots. Simple swap. Easy conversion. Nice job!

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