Friday, July 27, 2018

11 years later, it manifests

I just received a few new boats from Soul Waterman Kayaks.

Since 2008, I have been paddling longer and longer boats, starting with the Reaction (an old long boat mold found at the Rainbow Kayak factory in Italy) and eventually moving on to a Liquid Logic Stinger. In 2007, I had some boats from Dragorossi, and loved the Pintail so much that I fantasized about making longer versions of that boat.  All the other long boats were great, but I just wanted a long Pintail.  I think that Corran has achieved that with the 303 and the Funky Monkey.

Below is a link to the old post I made in 2007

Below are some images of the new boats from Soul Waterman

SL350 Max (far left), 303 (left of center), Funky Monkey (right of center), F-Bomb (right)


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