Saturday, October 27, 2007

the people you meet.....

at the Gauley Festival

I had a good conversation with Wes about the DragoRossi Thruster during the Saturday festival night. He showed up the next morning and wanted to demo the boat. Here are two photos that his friend took.

The Thruster is one of the demos managed by Adam Bixby of South Carolina and Eli Smith of North Carolina; two of the fine folks at the DragoRossi Demo Centers around the country

Wes was allowed to take the boat with him to a small spot in South Carolina too. It's a small spot, but sure does look like big fun!

Then I get this phone call.......... Wes is a little timid at first, but quickly sells me on the sun and fun of a tour he is going on. It's a tour for work. He is helping build some carbon hulls for jet ski competitions, headed to Florida and Texas? Hmmmm. A bit out of the ordinary for whitewater kayaks, but sure does sound like fun. "Fine," I say, "take the boat, but be sure to take some pictures too"

Here are the first two pictures of being towed. Looks like he is figuring out how to hold that edge. With the photos, Wes also asked for some fins. Seems the boat is holding a carve well, but with fins, one can only imagine.......

This is the stuff I like about kayaking. People are into all sorts of things. Want to find a fun hog? Head to any river festival and there will surely be many.

Stay tuned for more photos of this Thruster. Let's see if it learns how to rip into a turn really hard and send some spray like a water ski. Might also be good for some kiting too.

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