Saturday, February 02, 2008

Let It Rain

A beautiful new guidbook by Alden Bird about the many numberous whitewater classics in the northeastern United States and Canada.

The format of guidebooks is often simple. It has to be. A guide book is a reference tool, often used on trips, in conjuction with a map. Most guide books do not go beyond their simple function as this reference tool. "Let It Rain" is a rare exception.

This new guide book, by whitewater paddler Alden Bird, is full of all the standard guide book requirements: concise descriptions of each river, directions to the river, and an assigned classification of each run to help you decide if it is the right one for you. "Let It Rain" goes beyond normal expectations by including numerous insightful narratives, entertaining stories, and hundreds of full color photos. Yes. Full Color!

The pictures, alone, inspire the burning desire to work hard this winter, save my money, and spend April and May in search of whitewater all over the northeast.
The stories further the dream and make me committed to break from my normal routine and get a trip together.
The river descriptions instill confidence, and make me believe that I can find hundreds of exciting runs, all within an afternoon's drive of each other.

Bottom line. Buy this guide book.

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