Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Where to buy DragoRossi now?

Take a close look at Donkey Flip
it's a boating portal for the northwest U.S.
AND, it's an easy place to order drago rossi kayaks in America
Just click on the e shop at the top of the Donkey Flip page or use the direct link from here

It's still worth taking a look at for some information
or you can still buy factory-direct from DragoRossi
and of course it's worth keeping track of research, design, and development as the new boats evolve at

This is a low-key, local boater, non big corporate adventure, brought to you buy boaters in the U.S.A. who just want to keep bringing in the boats that they really want to paddle. If you find yourself wanting to join in on the fun, then click one of the links and say hello.

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