Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Scudder's in NJ

David Millrod send me this photo of himself looping his Fish at Scudder's.
This spot has always been pretty good. But a couple of years ago, during a super low water summer, a bunch of the local paddlers got in there and moved the rocks around. What they created was a more reliable spot that gives up the big tricks.

It has gone from a good spot, to an excellent playground for freestyle boating.
So, if you are ever travelling through the mid-atlantic area, bouncing between DC and New York for work or something, it's worth keeping your playboat on your car.
Make a quick stop just north of Trenton, NJ and join the summer fun on the Delaware.

Most of the photos on the American Whitewater site are a bit older, but it will give an idea of the location, and has an excellent run down of the different spots that come in at different levels.

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