Saturday, November 21, 2009

Fall Creek helmet cam (full run)

Fall Creek helmet cam from ARTandWATER on Vimeo.

Helmet cam footage from 2009

shows you the length (or really, how short) this nice little creek is.

The camera is wide angle so makes things seem a bit smaller, but not by much.


Silbs said...

Nice cinema, mate. From the looks of the flood state, I gather you are getting what we call spring run off down there in December. How many of you were on the water at one time there?

Scott Barnes said...

we usually try to keep groups down to about 6 or less since the creek is so small, but that just often means that we all have to wait about 2 minutes from group to group. Typically 2 dozen people there during the weekend, doing multiple laps.
It's often the last reliable water for the season before many of us wax up our skis and snowboards.