Tuesday, March 16, 2010

THANK YOU to the boating community

Back in the middle of December, I was gaining some good momentum, getting positive feedback, on one of my paintings in a contests. Inspired by the possibility of doing well in the contest, I asked the boating community for their help, since they are the ones who really understand what I am making with this type of art.



I did not win the contest (although it was very close). But, I was super psyched by how many people in the whitewater community stood up for me by voting. I was also inspired (through many requests) to make prints of the painting and a couple of other pieces that are related.

After wrestling with many different printing options, i decided that QUALITY would serve as a better "thank you" than something cheap (which would fade within a year or two). The decision reflects a belief that boaters deserve something that will last longer than their creek boats, and be something that they can enjoy for a very long time; something to look at, year after year, reminding them of the dynamic, fun times to come when the snow melts, the rain pours, and the rivers run again.

Over the next four days, I'll post a new giclee print.
The only place that these prices will exist are here on this blog.
That should keep the cheap price within the boating community and their families.
When the real website is built for these prints, the price will be about 30% higher. But, for now, I'll pass along the wholesale price that I get to the community, and let boaters be the first ones to get their hands on these limited edition prints.


Boating Community said...

Great pic its really fun to read just like this blog!!!!!!!

Boating Community said...

Really Thank YOU also To Boating Community!!!!!