Monday, April 11, 2011

Photos (and other media) from 2011 New England Whitewater Triple Crown Championships

The above link takes you to a page with all of the photos taken over the weekend before they are edited, cropped, color corrected, and otherwise manipulated.

Each day's gallery should be in event order: Wildwater, Slalom, then Freestyle.

Fox News at the event

Local Simsbury Coverage of the event

Haley Mills shares here experience as a competitor at the Triple Crown

Hartford Courant photos from Triple Crown

Women's competition on YouTube from Wavehopper

Top Results:

1. Emily Jackson ($1,000 award)
2. Katrina Van Wijk ($500 award)
3. Jessie Stone ($250 award)

1. Nick Troutman ($1,000 award)
2. Dan Jackson ($500 award)
3. Bryan Kirk ($250 award)

Top C-1
Jordan Poffenberger ($500 award)

click this link to go to the official event website

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