Thursday, January 05, 2012

WW Boater going to Belize to be more than just a tourist

Bryan Griesemer will join a team of health care professionals to help improve the quality of life in rural Belize.

Click this first link and read his plan. It's a good one.

This next link is for those who are willing to support Bryan's efforts by donating to MedicForce (a 501 (c)(3) charitable organization, thus tax deductable). When you do decide to donate please be sure to include the name Bryan Griesemer in the memo section, so they know to let him know that his friends are helping (I believe the amount you donate is kept private, but letting Bryan know that you are helping only encourages him to continue doing good things like this in the future)

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Pat | Utah Paragliding said...

There are places that are haven for tourists and adventure seekers but it will also be great if you can come to a place to offer your services or support a worthy cause. Belize is nice and for sure, the beauty of the place will never let you grow tired of your tasks.