Monday, December 31, 2012

New Year's Eve - Grand Canyon Launch Day Eve

I hope that everyone has had a good year, both on and off the water.
Have fun tonight.  Be safe.

Happy to say that I am with the Liquid Logic crew, getting prepared for tomorrow morning's inspection by NPS so we can get the green light to launch the 12 day trip through the Grand Canyon.

As a celebration of this trip, I have queued up the first 12 photogravures that were made from my last trip through the canyon.  They will show up, one per day, in order but not necessarily in coordination with the current trip (tough to predict exactly where we will be each day).  I hope you enjoy them.  The new(er) batch of photogravures will pop up over on the ARTandWATER blog.

titled "Campsite Quanta"

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