Sunday, November 30, 2014

Bulls Bridge 1 1/2 on painted gauge, canal is offline

Powerplant is off

Painted boater's gauge:  1 1/2
Housatonic at Gaylordsville gauge:   3.40  (997cfs)
Tenmile River gauge:  1.53  (154 cfs)
Falls Village gauge:  3.05  (842 cfs)

The canal maintenance has been going on for a while.  Rumor is that they are making the system more efficient, which will mean that they can take a few hundred more cfs from the river than they have been in the recent past.  My intent in posting level information is to help build up new correlations for when the canal is off (as is normal for at least three days every Fall).  Once the canal is back in operation, this process will have to be repeated to see if the new internet vs. boater's gauge correlations need to be developed.

If any of the other locals want to help with this project, please let me know, and I'll authorize you to post updates.  The most important information to post are the following four things:
Powerplant:  on/off
Painted boater's gauge:  post what you see.  (The top of the footer block is 1)
Housatonic gauge at Gaylordsville:  post both stage and cfs
Tenmile River gauge:  post both stage and cfs

Any pictures or additional content are nice, but not required for this project.  Building a visual record of different rapids at different levels would be cool, but I think that will be pretty easy this Spring.

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