Monday, June 01, 2015

Powerplant Maintenance so.... Bulls Bridge is running below One

All gauge correlations are off because they seem to be working on the power plant.  The canal has moving water, and it looks like they are running at least one turbine, but are not taking as much water as they can.  This little bit of rain has brought the level up almost to 1, and some more rain is expected.  The trick is that, if they turn the power plant back to full capacity, all of the water will be diverted.  Keep an eye on the internet gauge.  If there is a sudden spike then drop, it means that they turned the rest of the turbines back on and are taking more water.  In the mean time, the water is warm, and this is a rare chance to paddle on Bulls Bridge in June.

View from the bridge, looking upstream at Stairway. 

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