Thursday, October 27, 2016

Wood alert

Low water is revealing would in some strange places. Get out and Scout if you go paddling.  (all images below can be seen higher res by clicking on them)

I did not get a photo of the tree that fell in front of House Rock.  It's not in the main line, but could be an issue in the future.

1st photo below:  the crux to Deadhorse.  note the log at the top of the chute on river right.  It might not be an issue when this is flowing at normal or high levels, but it is an example of many of the short pieces that became lodged in various places throughout the run this summer.  The power plant cleaned up many of the large logs above each of the dams, but in the process sent many small pieces like this downstream.

2nd picture below:  note the log at the top of the top/main drop in Stairway.  I looks to be off the main line right now, but it's difficult to tell if it extends into the main line or not (since the water is so white and turbulent at that spot).  

3rd picture below:  This log sticks into the landing zone at Little Niagra.  At higher water it's a bit deceptive because it is in line with, and goes just a bit past the shoulder of the rock that makes the normal splashy rooster tail thing anyway.   
4th picture below:  here you can see the log sticking into the line at little Niagra.  At this low level, it won't hold a boat, but sure will hit you in the face.  At higher water, who knows what it will do. 

5th picture below:  Another view of the log in the top drop at Stairway. 

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