Tuesday, April 25, 2006


Are you going to creek in a playboat or play in a creekboat? Neither are really a good idea, but we must admit that most of us have done it.

ARe you going to throw catchy sharp edges on your creekboat, or have round edges on your playboat? Neither option works very well. What if you could have both? (Stinger)

Hole Bait and bad play. If you try to have it all, you'll have nothing at all.

A playboat, an evolution of the Disco, good river running spud that surely some folks will take down low volume creeks. A playboat with a little bit of extra volume and a truely modern hull with both sharp and round edges in the all the right places.

another super short bouncing thingy from the conglomerate company that has made many versions of this thing before, again, the same...