Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Spring has sprung

this is Tim enjoying the Stinger. Good sized boat for many many situations.

A big hit of water in the face. (Good thing the water is no longer freezing) Power out of the hole and into the eddy that holds your waiting friends. That next rapid is a fun one, with multiple lines and a couple of surf waves. Take the creeky boof in the center, or the bigger water of the left line....

the river that ran so long into the fall has started running again, this time with fun to be had as it gets warmer and warmer.

Posing for the camera in his flashy new coordinated outfit of blue, orange, red, black? wait a minute. that doesn't work at all! Who ever said that boaters have good fashion sense. i suppose that fashion isn't the point. Can fun and fashion coexist, or are they mutually exclusive?

the need for speed was calling to James on this run. What better way to fly over the rooster tail at THE FLUME and power through the hole at the bottom than in a fast boat like the Pintail.

Holy backwash Batman! I hope I can find the seam in this thing. Good thing I have a red boat with racing stripes!