Sunday, December 17, 2006

Agers Falls (pt 2)

More photos sent to me by John of Jeff Sharpe, Ted DeVoe, and me (Scott Barnes) going over Agers Falls this October during the Moose River Festival in New York




This is really a great festival every year. For some people it is the end of their paddling season, a last hurrah before breaking out the snowboards and skiis. For others it is the official start of Fall/Winter creeking season. We had some fairly mild weather during the day, but saw snow at night during the festival. Good thing the festival is inside. (and a good reason to head down to Slickers bar afterwards to "warm up")

Agers is a terrific waterfall that is about 18' high (some say 15' but I think it's closer to the 18)
for many people it's their first real, vertical waterfall. It can be run far far river right for the first timers, towards the middle for a nice easy boof, and way river left for the adventurous.

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