Wednesday, December 20, 2006

T'ville Video Report (December 2006)

This is a fun spot that runs often in Connecticut; all year play, just different quality at different levels.
This level is the high end of the "low" levels for the beach hole (a.k.a. "Whipper's Wimpy"). It's a good example of what it looks like, even though this is just a bit high and flushy. It gets more retentive as it gets lower, but also starts to get shallow. Always a trade off, but always fun too....

I hope you enjoy the split screen with the closeups on top and some sped up action just to show the line of us taking turns jumping into the playspot

Here are some photos of the post paddling fun in the parking lot. Yes. It was getting dark, but the weather has been exceptioinally warm for December and a few of us just didn't want to do anything else but enjoy mild weather and hang out together like it was summer time.

Daryl giving Jeff's flaming devil sticks a go

This photo is sideways because Daryl deserves a sideways photo (being a professional photographer and all...)

Here's D and Jeff with Daryl's trials bike. He has an open relationship with his bike so we all got to take her for a spin.

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