Friday, January 26, 2007


so a few years ago i was able to surf the finicky strike3 wave on the housatonic. hidden under water a very inauspicious spot on the river is an area of dead water (we think) that creates the most amazing park and play pressure wave in all of new england. hands down. when the rivers is at certain levels, certain very high levels, usually only for a day or two at the most.
this wave forms between two large eddies with maybe a small branch or two to get in the way but nothing else. this wave surges from about 8 foot to close to 12 foot tall. with speeds close to that of garborator on the ottawa. both shoulders are well defined with the surfers left extending out a little further than the surfers right which is a nice tight and steep shouder.
we at the river house called everyone we know when it came in. yet no one showed up except a few local boaters who now of the spot.

hope for big water and start looking. one day maybe you will find it at the right level and get your surf on.


i know tim and scott have been there.


ScottBarnes said...

you are right about the level that time. Good but not quite perfect. I"m glad that you finally got on this thing Adam. I'm sure that you are too, after hearing about those epic 2 days when it was in a few years ago.
A side note: Ted recently rediscovered his blunt at Georges now that he is paddling a Fish instead of that Turbo.

Nick said...

Yeah I was there with Adam and Ted, once...wish I had known what I was doing at the time, it looks like a sick wave, but I could barely ferry across it let alone surf the thing.