Monday, August 13, 2007

Sheepscot Falls with Kawanhee (part 2)

Hooray, let's go surfing!!! BenCon leading the charge from the front of the lineup.

an overview of the beautiful reversing falls on the Sheepscot

Eduardo throwing down.

Johnny is figuring it out too.

Mr. Watson showing us how it's done.

in between helping out swimmers and losing paddles

a one handed loop attempt

most of these campers had learned their roll the day before. By the end of the session most of them had hit a couple of moving-water rolls

Eduardo had never been the Squashtail before. He started figuring out the boat just as the wave got really fast and difficult. He turned out a couple of good surfs towards the end of the session.

oh the fun these guys had (who stayed for the full 7 week program)

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