Sunday, November 18, 2007

DragoRossi Factory update (Huracan prototype #1)

Here are the first pictures from the first plastic prototype of the new boat called "Huracan". These were made in a fiberglass mold and spun in the same rotomolding oven that produces the DragoRossi kayaks.

While others are making boats for specific races, DragoRossi is making boats for those who might be frustrated with the slow spuds or the lack of performance from most "river runners".

Since Corran is the inventor of the Glide ("the boat that changed the rules") and the Hammer (the first planing hull boat that had good commercial success) he decided it was time to reinvent the 8' boat again. All the positive performance characteristics of those early models can now be achieved without the awkwardness of the boats from 1998.

a slight modification to the Performance outfitting option. The boats will come with more accessories included. Banckband. "industry standard" thigh hooks. Drainplug. And perhaps some other things, but all that is being worked our as you read this.

for those who are more curious about the process of making a boat, check out the links to Corran's blog here. It provides enough pictures and explainations that you could (if you wanted to) design your own boat in your garage.

shaping the Huracan pt 1

shaping the Huracan pt 2

shaping the Huracan pt 3

last steps and boat comparisons

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