Thursday, November 15, 2007

LL Jefe vs. DR Critical Mass

"it looks too long" is often the comment out of people's mouth when they first see the Critical Mass. Corran's boats tend to look a bit longer than they are, often because of the deck lines.
The Critical Mass IS longer than most creek boats, but not by much. (as you can see in the photos)

it's mostly a matter of keeping the rocker profile going another 2 inches on either end to get more over all rocker, better resurfacing ability, and more reach to get over those pesky holes.

The boat has plenty of stern volume to keep from back endering and let you go power downstream. All that rocker makes it turn easily too. Many paddlers say that it "paddles small" because it's so nimble and manuverable.

thought it would make sense to show the boat up against it's counterparts within the DragoRossi line up too.

Critical Mass (left) Gangser/Idra (center) Mafia (right)

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