Friday, January 25, 2013

Gear that fits in a LL RemixXP10 for a 12 day trip

on this last Grand Canyon trip.  Other than the food that fit in three drybags (from another post), here is the list of things that I brought on the trip...

Main paddling gear:
* Kokatat Gore-Tex Meridian Dry Suit (GMER)
* Smartwool Men's NTS Mid 250 Long top and bottom (2 sets)
* Smartwool Hiking Medium Crew socks (3 sets)
* Heavy weight fleece bunny suit (a real heavy weight one, not a power-stretch or anything too techy because the point is to have loft and thickness)
* Silicone swim cap (largest size possible, and one that covers ears can be folded up above ears, but nice to have the option).
* Latex kitchen gloves or chemical gloves (best base layer for hands that keeps wind and sun off of skin, which tends to dry out and crack on a trip like this).
* Neoprene Pogies.
* IR Shockwave skirt. (2 - one for me and one for the group, just in case...)
* Astral Brewer shoes.
* NRS Wingman knife
* Stohlquist Descent PFD

extras kept inside boat for super cold days:
* Fleece or neoprene skull cap.
* Neoprene gloves.

extra layers for cold days on water or in camp:
* Cheap mid-weight fleece vest
* Mid-weight fleece pants.
* Mid/heavy weight fleece pullover top

campsite clothing that I changed into a.s.a.p. to let boating gear dry:
* 700 fill down jacket.
* Waterproof hiking sneakers.
* Winter hat & gloves
(the mistake I made on this trip is that my hat did not cover the bottom of my ear lobes.  Because of this, I had a little bit of cold/sun damage on my ears)
* Lightweight rain jacket and pants (act as windbreaker or rain protection when needed).

campsite shelter and insulation:
*Big Agnes Jack Rabbit 2 person tent
*Mountain Hardware Lamina 0 degree sleeping bag
*ThermaRest NeoAir XTherm compact mattress
*Cheap minicell camping pad (made a good clean place to sort gear and supplementary warmth under the ThermaRest pad.  I kept it on the stern deck)

personal hygiene and safety:
* toothbrush & toothpaste
* 3 oz. hand lotion (applied every evening and morning)
* chapstick (with sunscreen)
* wet wipes (2 for every morning)
* small bottle biodegradable camp soap
* small bottles of hand sanitizer (3 travel size)
* Petzl Tikka XP2 headlamp 
* Petzl Zipka headlamp (backup)
* 6 extra AA batteries
* small bottle multi vitamins
* fingernail clippers
* swiss army knife

personal first aid kit:
* Adventure Medical Kits "World Travel" first aid kit
* Zicam rapid melts
* Mucinex DM
* Aleve
* Neosporin
* signal mirror

cook kit:
* JetBoil Sol
with Sumo 1.8L fluxring companion cup
* Alite Cloverware 4in1 utensil set
* 5 small canisters JetBoil all season fuel
* Katadyn Pocket ceramic water filter
* Sea-To-Summit Kitchen Sink 20 liter folding bucket

drybags to put everything in (including the food from a previous post):
* 2 Watershed Ocoee drybags (food bags behind seat)
* 1 Watershed Aleutian Deck Bag (on bow deck)
* 1 Watershed Salmon stowfloat bag (in bow)
* 1 Watershed Big Creek backback drybag (in bow)
* SeaToSummit eVent compression sack (medium) for sleeping bag
* SeaToSummit Lightweight Dry Sacks (2-4 liter bags, 2-8 liter bags, 2-13 liter bags, 2-20liter bags)

personal waste management:
* special groover that fits in bow wall of Remix XP10
* roll of toilet paper
* 24 wet wipes

Our group had 4 different extra break-apart paddles and one extra PFD.
Everyone had at least a small First Aid Kit and one person had a major med. First Aid Kit.
6 people had water filters, and 4 other people had folding buckets for letting silt-laden water settle before filtering. 
The trip leader had a satellite phone.  
At least one other person had a signal mirror.
Three people had SPOT gps devices.

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