Sunday, February 03, 2013

Preserve the Upper Animas for the future

Some CO boaters are being proactive about the status of the upper Animas from Silverton down to about half way to Durango....

Private boater support for Wild and Scenic Designation of the Upper Animas River Petition | GoPetition

Essentially, the petition is a statement that the current access and flow schedule is preferred.  So, why sign the petition?  You should look at (and hopefully sign) the petition because water rights in western states like Colorado are constantly changing, particularly as more and more real estate is developed.  It would be a shame if the further development of the Animas Valley would have a negative impact on water flowing in the river; particularly since the development is often from out of state developers for out of state owners of vacation homes who's perspective and care is often only for the two weeks each year they are in the valley.

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