Friday, December 19, 2014

Bulls Bridge 2 1/2 on painted gauge

Not sure what is going on with the power plant last night and this morning.  Everything seems normal (from the perspective of a casual observer), but the level at Bulls Bridge seems a bit higher than it should be.  I'd expect that there will be water through the weekend, running anywhere from 1 - 3 on the painted gauge.

Painted boater's gauge:  2 1/2
Housatonic at Gaylordsville gauge:   no gauge information available
Tenmile River gauge:  2.74  (534 cfs)
Falls Village gauge:  4.16 (1900 cfs)

This is the level at 8:30 am today

normal photo of gauge on left, and on the right it is enhanced to see the numbers

looking upstream from the bridge at Stairway

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