Sunday, December 21, 2014

Bulls Bridge 1 1/2 on the painted gauge

Painted boater's gauge:  1 1/2 (difficult to tell with condition of paint)
Beware of stick in the last small drop of Stairway (river left)

Housatonic at Gaylordsville gauge:   4.40  (2570 cfs)
Tenmile River gauge:  2.47  (431 cfs)
Falls Village gauge:  3.94 (1670 cfs)

This is the level at 10:00 am today

view of gauge from river left

view of gauge from 2nd window from river right, downstream side of bridge.
This is often the best place to check since you can see the block.

Stairway from the bridge. 
Beware of the stick in the river left side of the bottom of stairway.

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