Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Log across main drop in Stairway Rapid (Bulls Bridge)

There are two large tree trunks in Stairway Rapid on Bulls Bridge of the Housatonic River in South Kent, CT.  The first is very visible at the 4' level (painted gauge), and the second is barely visible, but is spans the entire channel of the main first/big drop.  Do not run the main drop until this log is removed.

Both views are taken from the river right trail.  The log in the foreground will probably float downstream when the water gets higher.  The one that is buried in the main flow will probably be there until the water drops and someone removes it.  

The arrows indicate the ends of the submerged log.  Draw a line between the points of the arrows, and you will get an idea of how far across this log reaches.  

(All content of this blog is only intended to add to the discourse, and should not be used as a guide.  Make your own decisions based on careful study of the environment when you are there, in person.  Be responsible for your own safety.  Don't let an internet post make your decisions for you)

The flume (below) looks pretty good at 4'.  This photo is taken from river right rocks.

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