Thursday, April 23, 2015

Log removal from Stairway Rapid at Bulls Bridge

Housatonic River, South Kent, CT

Yesterday, I posted about the new logs blocking the main line at Stairway Rapid
Today, Dan Greenbaum, an arborist friend of his, and I pulled the logs out and cut them into 2' sections.  There seems to be new wood on a regular basis now, as the river rises/falls, people along the river are cleaning their yards by cutting timber, and the power company is continuing to cut trees and limbs around power lines.

Be careful out there.  Taking a quick look over the horizon line to check for wood is always a good idea.

Photo from yesterday with log pinned in main drop.

Photo from today after log removal.

Photo from yesterday with log blocking main drop

Photo from today after log removal.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for removing the log, we ran it on Saturday and had no idea that you guys had just spent that time getting the log out. We were passing through on a roadtrip and would have been bummed to have had to walk that rapid! Thanks!

Scott Barnes said...

You're welcome. Most of the locals take a quick look at the rapid on their walk up to run it. It's a good practice to be in. Happy that we saw this in time and that Dan and his colleague had the time and equipment to get this job done.

Anonymous said...

You rock. Thanks for doing this and posting about it.