Wednesday, May 24, 2006

boat breaks and plastic welding kayaks

yes. my friends. EVERY brand of boat breaks! Superlineamegatalacizedcrosspolywhatever plastic. It all breaks!

But, it can all be fixed too. Linear. Super linear. Crosslinked. It can all be fixed. Of course it will never be exactly the same, but it can be fixed well enough to get you through a season (even if you have to do the repair a couple of times...)

Creekboats are especially suspetible to breaking. When is the last time that you went creeking and didn't but some damage on your boat?

Robbie discovered just how much abuse he can dish out to his beloved Gus. Oops. Too much. That's ok. We can teach him how to weld it, and keep welding it until he saves up the money for another one.

(note the close up. it's Rob's first weld attmept. Pretty good, isnt' it?)