Wednesday, May 24, 2006

DragoRossi and Jackson at Bulls Bridge

A beautiful day. Well, ok, maybe it was a bit cloudy, a bit rainy. But, who cares? Tim and I were totally psyched to be on the river at high water! It didn't matter if it was sunny, or we were having a freak hail storm (but that's another story....)

My shoulder is still a little bit tender from the surgery, but healing fast, so I am stuck in the "long" boat (funny how 7'2" is considered long today). Honestly, I am really enjoying the Pintail. I raved about it this past Fall when the rivers were flooding. The extra speed is a great crutch for MY out-of-shape butt. Still, it's short enough to throw around, cartwheel, and stern squirt (hey, remember those? STERN SQUIRTS)

Tim is getting a really good handle on his 4Fun. (he he he. still not as fast as my "long" Pintail) It was a pleasure just watching my friend surf every wave that we tried to catch. What a fun day.