Saturday, May 27, 2006

"Otto" boof

it's a move on the middle line to Pencil Sharpener (on Bulls Bridge) that really only works at lower water; otherwise the jet is not there and you end up getting munched in a really big nasty hole. (still a bit of a possibility at 2' as well).

you'll see in the first photo that Andrew didn't quite make it over for the boof. The line is only about 12" wide, so precision is the key.

On the second photo he gets it and landed with a nice "BOOF" sound.

It's a very fast move because all of the energy comes from a long slide leading into it. Not very high, but still a dynamic feel. The last photo of Corkzilla most effectively displays the speed of the move.
He was just an inch or two off line, but pulled it together with some last minute finesse.

Whitewater fun on the Housatonic River indeed.....