Monday, February 12, 2007

Creek boat safety ring (bulkhead)

Standard with the Elite outfitting, the bowring replaces a foam pillar in creekboats for added safety and foot room. Some people are retrofitting this plastic ring into older models,and I'm sure some will add it to the boats they get with the Performance outfitting.

This view of the inside shows the position of the two screws on the side of the ring that hold it in place. Also seen is the overlap of the bowriing and the seat that, when combined with the two plastic bars under the seat (indicated by the rivets) help keep the hull rigid where it really needs to be.

Just a photo to show the position of the bow ring screws in relation to the seat screws (for those who are doing a retrofit)
the screw in the deck is usually a long one that helps secure the foam pillar. With the addition of a bow ring, the foam pillar is not necesssary, so you need to put a new, shorter screw in the hole to fill it up. Some people just squeeze a bunch of silicone in there, but I think the best solution is a combination of the short screw and silicone.

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