Thursday, February 08, 2007

4 seats, 2 outfitting systems by DragoRossi

The newest system is the "Performance" outfitting.
It is a rotomolded adjustable bucket seat. The idea is that it is simple. Backband, thigh hooks, foot sled can be added on when/if you want it. Use DragoRossi parts or whatever you can get your hands on.

Here are some photos of all the options you can get on the "Performance" system. Start with JUST THE SEAT, then you can add (ala carte) the thigh hooks, backband, footsled if you'd like.

and some more photos of the outfitting in a boat.

The continuously evolving "Elite" outfitting is what people have grown used to from DragoRossi. It comes in three seat sizes (large, medium, race/testarossa) which includes a ratchet adjusted backband, adjustable foot sled, proprietary thigh hook system, hull stiffening bars, cool seat pad, lots of prestige (pure H.A.C.K.S. style)

you can go almost to the bottom of the page on this link to see the three "Elite" seats side by side before they have all the extras on them. That should give you a good feel for the size difference

Here is an ad that has the "Elite" system all laid out in an easy way to see.

and here are some photos from the guys at High N Mighty that show the three different "Elite" seats side by side in the same boat.

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